First Recycling is a leading company in the area of recycling

First Recycling is part of a international group IL Recycling, operating in Sweden and Poland. We’re located in major areas of Poland – in Warsaw, Poznan and  Sosnowiec. Our company has been operating for over 60 years now and employs about 600 personnel with expertise covering the entire recycling process.

We act locally – close to you

We believe that it’s possible to significantly increase efficiency of the recycling process in Poland – locally in your neighborhood. We offer comprehensive services – from expert advice and assistance in the area of recycling and waste management, providing equipment and services to suit your needs. Every year we help more than a thousand clients manage their waste more effectively to achieve better financial goals, resulting in a greater focus on core business.

Value. Recreated

Our focus is to create valuable raw material out of waste and to develop the most profitable and valuable waste management solutions together with our clients. In this process, we also contribute to saving valuable resources for the environment. In our daily work, we look for value and benefits in everything we do by constantly focusing on developing new and more valuable solutions for everyone. With a strong focus on CSR, we also aspire to be a responsible company towards the society and our own employees for whom we strive to create a safe and reliable work-place as an additional value to them. Our vision is that everyone – customers, employees, share-holders, society and the environment – should benefit more from the business activities that we conduct!